To heal emotional inflammation, make distress your change agent | Curio
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To heal emotional inflammation, make distress your change agent

15 mins | Nov 21, 2020
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The inflammation is natural to the conditions we’ve been living within recent years — but there are solutions. In this piece for Psyche magazine, Stacey Colino and Lise Van Susteren provide some calming advice for living in a world that often leaves us emotionally exhausted. "The good news is, with conscious effort, emotional inflammation can be managed and alleviated, from the inside out and the outside in. As a starting point, it’s essential to prioritise taking care of your body’s needs — by getting enough good-quality sleep, steadying your body’s circadian rhythms (by dimming artificial lights and setting curfews on digital devices), taking care of your gut microbiome (with foods containing probiotics and prebiotics), exercising regularly, and taking time to regularly decompress from stress (with meditation or even deep breathing exercises)."
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