How Daoism shatters our illusions of time and being | Curio
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How Daoism shatters our illusions of time and being

9 mins | Feb 19, 2021
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Why we should observe things on the level of cosmological time. 
 David Chai reflects on how Daoism rejects the human-centric concept of time and argues instead for a natural temporality of the universe. Despite the mysticism of this theory, we can use it to educate ourselves on the fallacies of many of our convictions. “The reason for this is that we’re inherently limited in what we can know (physically, mentally, spiritually). By retraining ourselves to reside in the in-betweenness of things, we can release ourselves from the notion that time is being-centric, and consider the alternative: time is the resting nothingness of the Dao. This non-being is not a nihilistic threat to being but its natural counterpart.”

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