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How to study effectively

22 mins | Oct 13, 2021
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The psychology of learning. On Wednesday 13th October, the US celebrates 'National Train Your Brain Day'. It's a perfect reminder that what the brain thinks and how it reacts to the world are choices that we can adjust. We've compiled a list of tips for training your brain in Curio, and you'll be pleased to know walking is one of them. This week's guide from Psyche magazine doubles down on the theme of training your brain as we're looking at studying. So even if your academic days are a little or a lot behind you, senior lecturer in psychology Paul Penn explains why studying is a little like understanding memory. Feel wiser and more fulfilled on your walks with Curio's life hack audio guides from Psyche magazine. Perfect for taking time out for yourself and making the most of your walking time, with new episodes released every Wednesday.

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