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Nir Eyal

The ultimate guide to liars and lying

22 mins | Jul 30, 2021
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Everyone falls into these four types. The most useful way to understand lies is by knowing about the people who tell them. This instalment of Nir and Far explores how comprehending lies and liars can help us steer clear of deception and wandering into dishonesty ourselves. From deceitful to demoralised, Nir Eyal reflects the main types of liars and reveals what category the late Steve Jobs falls into. Here, he also shows how integrity is key to fighting against dishonesty and provides tips that can help us to stay in line with our core values, keeping the trajectory of our lives on target. 
 "Jobs’ mind-melting superpower included his ability to manipulate his own beliefs as much as others’. All the great entrepreneurs I’ve met have the power to activate their own reality distortion fields. How else does someone convince people it’s a good idea to invest money or their career into a crazy business idea?"
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