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The masked vigilantes coming for your horrible boss

25 mins | Feb 3, 2021
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This way of dealing with injust employers has taken off in Italy — can it take over the world? Fed up with low wages and abuse, these outraged employees are naming and shaming 'shitty owners' in splashy protests complete with megaphones and bags of poop. But have they gone too far? Alessio Perrone explores their entrancing case in Narratively. "On January 31, 2019, Davide woke up late in the tiny apartment he shared on the outskirts of Bologna, where he slept in the living room and lived with a housemate who never cleaned. He picked up the grey bike he used for deliveries and cycled 30 minutes along the main road leading into town. He stopped at a small store to buy a handful of white cardboard masks for €1 each, then cycled to a spot around the corner from the bar. As the others arrived, they recapped the plan: who should hold the megaphone, who should place the stickers, who should talk. After the action, they would dash off via secondary roads, remaining together until they found a place without security cameras, where they could take off their masks and disperse. It was critical to remain focused, precise and fast — if the owner called the police, they should run for it."
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