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Matthew Yglesias

Homeowners should be YIMBYs

17 mins | Feb 25, 2022
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A true public policy win-win. This instalment of Slow Boring argues that the "yes, in my back yard" pro-housing movement is good for landowners. In this analysis of the risks of the movement, Matthew Yglesias argues that the YIMBY, which supports increasing the supply of housing within cities where housing costs have escalated to unaffordable levels, would not lead to homes depreciating in value and would be good for landowners.

 “That’s why I increasingly try to talk about this issue in a restrained and balanced way. A lot of YIMBY housing commentary comes from young renters who are trying to impress leftist friends, and that’s fine. But as a middle-aged homeowner, I want to clarify that there is upside for middle-aged homeowners too.”
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