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Matthew Yglesias

Chuck Schumer should call the Baileys

24 mins | Jan 26, 2022
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Has 'primary-phobia' led the majority leader astray? Chuck Schumer is supposed to carry weight on behalf of the caucus, but has he been doing this? He has successfully created a situation where progressives are not mad at him personally. Still, Matthew Yglesias argues that this has come at some cost to actually getting things done and is not really the job of a caucus leader. "If Schumer did what I think he should have done, then some progressive advocacy groups would be mad at Schumer. Schumer instead chose a course of action that got all the relevant advocacy groups mad at Manchin instead. And when this led to deadlock, instead of hammering something out with Manchin, he pivoted to a doomed voting rights push, which again had the effect of making people mad at Joe Manchin rather than Chuck Schumer."
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