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Matthew Yglesias

"Critical Race Theory" and actual education policy, part one

15 mins | Nov 11, 2021
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A dangerous attack on efforts to measure learning. What are the consequences of demagoguery and political opportunism in the US' education sector? This instalment of Slow Boring is the first of two-parter, where Matthew Yglesias contemplates how schools have become a sociological battleground following America's social reckoning in 2020. "I live in D.C. and am thankful that DCPS did a much better job than the surrounding suburbs of moving to reopen the schools. Unfortunately, the practical result of this in local politics is that the teachers' union and union-aligned members of the D.C. Council are now pushing to curb mayoral control of the school system and adopt the kind of system they use in San Francisco and other West Coast cities where union allies were able to keep schools closed all year."
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