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Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson discusses the power of shit

35 mins | Jun 9, 2022
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This week, is there an alternative circle of life? Gillian’s pick for you: a short biography of human excrement and its value. From Aeon magazine, award-winning poo researcher Lina Zeldovich argues that we should consider human excrement as a natural, fully renewable and sustainable resource. Here she reveals why we should praise ourselves as its potent producers, just like the thriftier societies did before us. This is What Do I Know?! with Gillian Anderson. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be listening to a series of curated audio articles, exploring a range of deeply human stories of social challenges, sexual liberation, phenomenal women and much more. Join us every other Thursday for new episodes as we go on a collective journey of discovery, asking ourselves to truly question, ‘What do I know?!”

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