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Foreign Policy

Who will win the global war for talent?

15 mins | Oct 17, 2021
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After the Great Lockdown will come the next Great Migration. What will the post-pandemic labour market look like? Parag Khanna, the founder of FutureMap, which provides data-driven strategic advisory for navigating the dynamics of globalisation, reflects on his prediction. Once COVID-19 passes, immigration will surge again as countries seek workers to fill labour shortages and people flee climate-stressed regions in search of stable habitats. "The winners in this new round of the global war for talent won’t just be the usual suspects (the United States and Britain)—although, fortunately, despite their harsh responses to crises like the surge in Haitian and African asylum-seekers, these traditional immigration magnets are returning to the expansionist migration policies that pre-date former U.S. President Donald Trump and Brexit."
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