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Foreign Policy

Putin's thousand-year war

19 mins | Mar 25, 2022
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What's the history and politics behind Russia's invasion of Ukraine? Vladimir Putin's enduring antagonism towards the West is a complex tale, compounded by his personal history growing up in the aftermath of WWII and career as a Soviet spy, along with the tangled web of Russia's thousand-year history. So, whether or not the invasion ends any time soon and regardless of the outcome, one thing is sure. The Russian President's hatred and mistrust of the West are likely to continue. Many in the West question why Ukraine has become the touchstone of Putin's anti-Western attitudes; however, it can largely be attributed to Russia viewing their brother nation as the last in a long series of humiliations. And this time, Putin has no path back. Michael Hirsh explains the history key to understanding Putin's delusional view that Ukraine is not, and can never be, an independent country as he discusses why Russia wouldn't survive for long as a true liberal democracy.
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