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Foreign Policy

10 conflicts to watch in 2022

51 mins | Jan 12, 2022
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They all link to a world struggling for a new version of stability. The number of major wars has declined from a recent peak and battle deaths may be down, but the positives stand weak as regional wars continue to rage, with great-power confrontations looming, from Ukraine to Taiwan. Comfort Ero, the president and CEO of the International Crisis Group, and Richard Atwood, the executive vice president of the group, examine the conflicts that we should all be keeping an eye on in 2022, revealing how they could all easily get worse.

 “As for COVID-19, the pandemic has exacerbated the world’s worst humanitarian disasters and propelled the impoverishment, rising living costs, inequality, and joblessness that fuel popular anger. It had a hand this past year in a power grab in Tunisia, Sudan’s coup, and protests in Colombia. The economic hurt COVID-19 is unleashing could strain some countries to a breaking point. Although it’s a leap from discontent to protest, from protest to crisis, and from crisis to conflict, the pandemic’s worst symptoms may yet lie ahead.”
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