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Hong Kong’s historic businesses face an uncertain future

32 mins | Feb 28, 2021
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Jardine Mattheson and Swire are not exempt from China's move to tighten control over the peninsula. As pressure from Beijing increases, these empires must work out their next move. Here, a team of Financial Times journalists including Asia Business Editor Leo Lewis and Hong Kong reporter Nicolle Liu, take a closer look into what that may be. "Despite much in common, the two companies are not directly comparable. Nor are they the only empires to control large swaths of Hong Kong’s commercial life. But both are heavily positioned around the growth of the Asian — particularly Chinese — middle classes and derive more than half their income from Hong Kong and China. And both have, within the past few years, installed the next generation of family members in pivotal management roles — making the issue of how they will cope with this uncertainty paramount."
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