Jordan Peterson: ‘One thing I’m not is naive’ | Curio
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Jordan Peterson: ‘One thing I’m not is naive’

19 mins | Jun 8, 2018
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Henry Mance interrogates the psychologist on gender roles and his ‘multimedia empire’. "Peterson epitomises how the internet is reshaping our public debate, and giving a megaphone to the fringes. Even opponents concede that he reaches anxious white males whom the left cannot. He is the anti-#MeToo, the anti-1968, the defender of old-school masculinity. White privilege is a “Marxist lie”; the glass ceiling is “a lot more complicated than it looks”. He urges people to set social justice aside, to take personal responsibility, to study the Bible. For anyone who thinks Canada breeds only Justin Trudeaus and Margaret Atwoods, here is a reality check."
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