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Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood on everything from deflation to Elon Musk

40 mins | Mar 25, 2022
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Even if her predictions are correct, short term losses could render them irrelevant. Meet Cathie Wood. In less than a decade, the 66-year-old investor has developed a cult following online, spawned a range of merchandise, and emerged as the public face of a tech-driven bull market on steroids championing actively managed exchange-traded funds (ETFs). And with her big concentrated bets on “disruptive innovation”, borderline outlandish predictions on everything from Tesla shares to the price of Bitcoin, and savvy use of social media, she has become one of the most prominent and scrutinised investors in history. Ark boasts an incredible long-term track record making an average of 38 per cent a year over the past five, boosted by pandemic fuelled turbocharged investor excitement. It hit its overall peak value of $61 billion in February 2021. Now caught up in the fight against market momentum, Wood is fighting her most brutal battle yet. As critics argue her success owes more to the Federal Reserve’s loose monetary policy than her investment prowess, Harriet Agnew meets with the CEO of Ark Invest to determine if her quasi-prophetic certainty is indeed down to extensive research or simply luck.
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