McDonald’s Chris Kempczinski: ‘Our menu is very Darwinian’ | Curio
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McDonald’s Chris Kempczinski: ‘Our menu is very Darwinian’

17 mins | Dec 7, 2020
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Lunch with the FT: the CEO on comfort food in a crisis — and why he eats at his own chain twice a day. Chris Kempczinski took over McDonald's after his mentor, Steve Easterbrook, was dismissed by the board following the discovery of a consensual relationship with one of his employees that still breached McDonald's internal staff policies. Since then, not only has Kempczinski had to face the PR scandal and lawsuit that followed, but also the biggest challenge in the company's history: COVID-19. In this peculiar instalment of Lunch with the FT, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson heads to a McDonald's in New Jersey and interviews the executive.
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