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Charlie Warzel

The internet's original sin

27 mins | Oct 1, 2021
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Understand the internet's original sin. Reporting on the world of digital advertising is incredibly complicated to dissect. To write successfully about this murky landscape requires deep attention to detail. But, Shoshana Wodinsky's dedication to research makes her pieces some of the most comprehensive and easy to understand about this part of the net. In this instalment of Galaxy Brain, Charlie Warzel interviews the tech reporter covering major social networks' financial and societal impacts. She discusses the complexities of keeping tech journalism engaging, the internet's interconnected nature, and why she's optimistic about the world she reports on. "I talk about Facebook a lot and they're the easy bad guy when it comes to privacy stuff. For good reason! But one thing they do very well is they constantly remind lawmakers that small businesses depend on them for targeted ads. It is absolutely, true. Many small businesses would probably have a very difficult time surviving in 2021 without dumb Facebook ads. And so we're left with this problem where, when we try to dismantle the Facebook targeted ads machine to make it a more privacy-centric thing, small businesses could suffer. It's a cold, hard fact."

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