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Charlie Warzel

A crypto true believer makes his case

26 mins | Nov 27, 2021
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Dispatches from a weird economy. The polarisation surrounding crypto can make it incredibly difficult to understand. This instalment of Galaxy Brain is an interview with a true believer in the crypto realm that hopes to bring some further nuance to a complex environment. Charlie Warzel interviews journalist Aaron Lammer to understand what people deep into the world find exciting or transformative about this stuff. “People might assume that crypto is just full of die-hard libertarian non-compromisers, but I think, having spent time in it, that it really reflects a diversity of opinions on those topics. It attracts a diversity of opinions around the world. The Korean Ethereum audience doesn’t think about decentralization the same way the American Ethereum audience thinks about it, and yet we’re all on the same blockchain doing things that have an impact on what the other side does and sees. I think of it as a giant game, and what’s exciting is that when you come to one of those forks in the road, you have a little more agency. You feel like an active participant.”
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