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Bloomberg Businessweek

Juul is the new Big Tobacco

17 mins | Oct 16, 2019
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'Wait, there’s nicotine in this?’  Aa anger over teen vaping escalates, Lauren Etter, Ben Elgin and Ellen Huet writing in Bloomberg, explain why they've become the new big tobacco. "One more thing gave vaping an advantage. The cigarette industry’s record-setting $206 billion settlement in the 1990s severely curbed its ability to market to children and requires the companies to help cover state Medicaid costs for smoking-related illnesses. In 2009, Congress gave the FDA authority to regulate tobacco products to prevent kids and young adults from becoming addicts, which mostly meant banning flavoured cigarettes and further restricting marketing. Companies would also have to get approval to introduce a new tobacco product. But at the time, the government didn’t consider e-cigarettes a tobacco product."
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