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Anne Helen Petersen

What if this is just the way things are now

15 mins | Mar 20, 2022
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How do we keep on top of this feeling? The world is more unstable than ever, and that will not change any time soon. In this instalment of Culture Study, Anne Helen Petersen reflects on the exhausting cycles of vigilance, the feeling that this is how things are now, and what to do about the fact that it's almost certainly only going to worsen. "Put differently: white people who have faced little adversity in their lives are beginning to grapple with what it means to suffer without cause, for reasons utterly outside of your control, in a way that feels abjectly unfair, with little or no recourse. All of this reminds me of the chorus of this is not who we are that rang out following the January 6th attack on the Capitol — and the equally strong chorus that responded this is exactly who 'we' are — you just haven't previously been made to pay attention."
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