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Anne Helen Petersen

The Master's trap, part two

31 mins | Jul 30, 2021
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A further exploration of the predatory nature of graduate programs. The last Culture Study explored how some Master's programs are exploiting student’s expectations whilst offering degrees that are doing little to enrich their career prospects. This instalment digs into the mechanics and magnetism as well as the quality and utility of these programs. Anne Helen Petersen reveals how some are 'the second-biggest scam in higher education' whilst others are useful for training and skills. 
 “Some jobs really do need additional skills than what’s provided over the course of an undergraduate education, and it makes sense that those skills should be rewarded on the job market. But there’s a difference between an employer-subsidized MBA and an expensive degree that’s the only way to make a living wage in your field. Some of these programs are cash cows. And some reflect the overarching devaluation of 'feminized' care work and years of cuts to governmental services.”
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