"The antidote is always turning deeper towards each other" | Curio
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Anne Helen Petersen

"The antidote is always turning deeper towards each other"

26 mins | Aug 10, 2021
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How a community can help to heal. This instalment of Culture Study is an interview with Garrett Bucks, a writer and a leader of The Barnraisers Project, that coaches and trains white people to organise their friends, neighbours and colleagues for racial equity. Here they discuss why community building feels particularly hard at the moment, why make oil is so desirable to so many and his upcoming book about "white people interrogating white people." "It’s also about the ways that aversion to accountable community keeps the gears of oppression and domination humming and about how it haunts us, how it destroys our souls. And that is a collective story, but it’s also one I know intimately — it’s one that I can trace in my own lifetime of trying to run from and appear exceptional compared to other white people. It didn’t start as a memoir, but that’s one of the many ways that Yahdon has pushed me already. He’s helped me realize that unless I was willing to interrogate myself, that this was going to be a 'they' book instead of a 'we' book.'"

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