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Pause, reflect, think

19 mins | Feb 27, 2021
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A first-aid manual for clear thinking. Susan Stebbing's philosophy was not something that required a formal education to understand. Peter West explores how in her often overlooked book, "Thinking to Some Purpose", she highlights the crucial role of philosophy in helping us think clearly when approaching all sorts of information, an application that is still relevant over eight decades later. 
 “'Thinking to Some Purpose' is an important philosophical text for more than just historical reasons. Now, more than ever, philosophers are trying to find ways to promote their skills and ideas in the world outside university departments. For instance, there are several long-running and much listened-to philosophy podcasts, and books of popular philosophy are sometimes bestsellers. Already, philosophers are publishing volumes on the COVID-19 pandemic and how to cope with it. There are also ongoing discussions among philosophers, in more specialist settings, about what the aims of public philosophy should be and how it should be carried out.”

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