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The posthuman dog

27 mins | Dec 31, 2021
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An imaginative journey into the future of our beloved pets without humans. Bred to be Robin to our Batman, a dog’s life is a pale reflection of what it might be. If humans were to disappear from the face of the Earth, what might dogs become? And would they be better off without us? Jessica Pierce explores. Drawing on biology, ecology, and the latest findings on their lives, Jessica Pierce, a bioethicist, explains how exploring the trajectory of post-domesticated dogs can help us understand who dogs are with us. 
 “The most important effect of thinking about posthuman dogs, and how they might flourish in the absence of us, is to decentre the human. We tend to think of dogs through the lens of what they mean to us (they are good companions, beneficial for our health, a salve for our loneliness, useful for work, sport and entertainment). But often the lives we ask them to live in our presence are a pale reflection of what they might be.”
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