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The view from her

27 mins | Aug 31, 2021
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Women are claiming their space in philosophy. Philosophy as a school of thought was generally seen as a disembodied, objective take on the world. However, this was largely a view shaped by men and was therefore subject to male bias. The traditional exclusion of women from philosophy has warped many studies, and now women are taking back the reigns from their ancient ancestors and owning their voice. Elly Vintiadis argues that there is no unique way to be a woman, nor one way that women think. Therefore, to disentangle their contributions to philosophy from the very fact that they are women would be disingenuous. To progress, we must consider the impact of the individual as well as the collective. As Vintiadis suggests: "With the help of women, philosophy is getting up from the armchair that men put it in, tackling questions relevant to people’s lives, and challenging its own preconceptions...”

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