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Elon Musk: interview with FT's person of the year

19 mins | Dec 20, 2021
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Is there anyone more controversial yet influential? 
 2021 has been Elon Musk’s year, and in bigger ways than being one of the most consequential and controversial business figures of recent times. Richard Waters talks to the business magnate about the issues that have made him the Financial Time’s pick for its Person of the Year.

 “Yet behind the noise, the speculative frenzy and the apparent flouting of rules, there is an achievement of great substance. The FT is naming Elon Musk its Person of the Year because he has triggered a historic shift in the world’s auto industry towards electric vehicles. Even if Tesla were to somehow collapse next year — something that, unlike two years ago, no one is now predicting — Musk would have transformed one of the world’s most important industries in ways that could have profound implications for governments, investors — and for the climate.”

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