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How Shopify outfoxed Amazon to become the everywhere store

29 mins | Jan 24, 2022
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How long can Tobi Lütke’s formula keep working? After Lütke's two-year run at Shopify’s helm, the Canadian upstart has been transformed from a quiet enterprise into a global e-commerce power worth $177 billion. Now as the success of Zoom, Peloton and other pandemic breakouts start to fade, the company is working furiously to keep its momentum going. In this fascinating insight into one of the most important, and notoriously secretive companies in e-commerce, Brad Stone examines the milestones that propelled Shopify into the stratosphere of online retail. Here, he explores how the underdog retained its principles, avoided the same controversial techniques employed by major rival Amazon, and kept the company culture true to its start-up roots.

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