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Curio Blog / May 5, 2022

Gillian Anderson "What Do I Know?!" - Jodie's Story.

Following on from Jodie's moving story take a deep dive and explore some of the individuals who are doing amazing work in challenging common misconceptions about Autism.

In this week’s episode of “What Do I Know?!”, Gillian is joined by writer Jodie Hare. In a world that promotes equality and fairness, Gillian has selected Jodie’s story to ask what that means in society today.

First, we’ll hear Jodie’s piece originally, published in Refinery29, about the universal human feeling of being accepted exactly as you are. After, in an honest and moving conversation with Gillian, they discuss the power of early diagnosis and gender bias in medicine.

Listen to the full episode here.

We thank Jodie for her courage and openness in sharing her story with us in today’s episode. During Jodie’s and Gillian’s conversation, Jodie shoutouts some incredible individuals who are doing amazing work in this space. You can find these individuals here:

  • Disability justice organiser Mia Mingus is a self-described “queer physically disabled Korean transracial and transnational adopte raised in the Caribbean.” Mia’s blog, “Leaving Evidence”, is a staple resource for anyone wanting to learn about disability. Check it out here.

  • Tiffany is an autisitc mother with two autisitc sons. She uses her Instagram profile, @fidgets.and.fries, to challenge the current perception of autism as a lifelong burden. Her work is nuanced and she has cultivated a community that explores the concept of intersectionality.

  • Neuroclastic is a non-profit run by and for autistic people - it platforms the writing of autistic people from all kinds of backgrounds- including non-speaking autistic people whose input is often dismissed.

  • Academic Dr Devon Price is author of “Laziness Does Not Exist” and “Unmasking Autism”. Their work explores autism, gender, work and much more.

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