Curio Blog / Feb 21, 2022

Gillian Anderson asks, ‘What Do I Know?!’ with the launch of her very first audio show

Gillian Anderson asks, ‘What Do I Know?!’ with the launch of her very first audio show, in partnership with Curio, The Inspiring Audio Journalism App. The actress and philanthropist has curated a collection of narrated human stories, with the aim to build connection and develop a deeper understanding, in the first audio show of its kind.

21st February 2022, London: Actress and philanthropist Gillian Anderson launches her first ever audio show ‘What Do I Know?!’ with Curio, the audio journalism app seeking to inspire, poise questions, and challenge listener’s assumptions and perceptions. The show will explore a range of deeply human stories of social challenges, sexual liberation, phenomenal women and much more.

Gillian partnered with Curio, after she was inspired by its mission to turn quality audio journalism into opportunities for knowledge, open mindedness and inspiration in our everyday lives. 

In the fortnightly show Gillian will guide listeners through a selection of narrated audio articles of personal stories from the world’s leading publications. We’ll be invited to listen and reflect: as we go on a collective journey of discovery that fosters open mindedness, understanding and connection.

Gillian believes that by taking the time to listen and reflect on stories which can often extend beyond our comfort zone, we can truly open our minds and develop a deeper understanding of others, ourselves and the wider world in which we live.

Gillian Anderson comments on the partnership: “In today’s world we have access to more information than ever, but it’s still so easy to feel disconnected. In this new show ‘What do I know?!’ we’ll be listening and reflecting on a range of deeply human stories which challenge us; unveiling surprising and often hidden parts of ourselves. I am thrilled to be partnering with Curio, who use journalism with human storytelling at its very heart to help build understanding and connection.”

Curio is an app that turns the best articles from top publications and thinkers into high-quality audio. Its aim is to help the world become more open minded, knowledgeable, and inspired in everyday life by handpicking content from leading publications and thinkers and turning it into beautifully narrated audio which you can listen to on the go.

 Govind Balakrishnan, CEO and co-founder of Curio said: “We are thrilled to have Gillian Anderson on board as one of Curio’s Thinkers to launch this new form of audio show. With ‘What Do I Know?!’ we want to bring great journalism to life, to provide a catalyst for conversations of different perspectives and encourage inclusive thinking.

“We live in a world where we have access to an abundance of information, whether that’s from the news, social media or podcasts, and sometimes that can feel overwhelming or like it is pushing us in a certain direction. At Curio we believe there is a need to reconnect with each other and to use journalism as a way to inspire us to challenge our worldviews and in turn drive self-improvement. When listening to Curio, we’re active participants, driving change in our mindsets which we then take into the world.” 

The first episode of ‘What Do I Know?!’ was released today and covers the topic of overlooked pioneering women in history. The second episode will be released 3rd March 2022, with new episodes released every two weeks on the Curio app.

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