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Curio Blog / May 15, 2023

Announcing Curio AI

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Curio AI and offer it to everyone for free. You can ask Curio AI anything and receive a personalized audio episode created from our extensive collection of handpicked, human-narrated journalism. In a world that's becoming more divided, Curio AI will open your ears to different perspectives and encourage dialogue, not discord.

Curio AI has been trained exclusively on thousands of hours of carefully curated audio journalism from the world's most trusted sources such as The Atlantic, Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal. By curating the best content available, it offers you thoughtful and new perspectives to questions you may have – whether it's about the US presidential election, the future of food or why we should care about art. 

Curio AI helps you stay ahead of the world, anticipating the forces shaping it. The core is the curated, human-narrated articles that lie at the very heart of Curio, with AI hosting each episode. This immersive and personalized approach will transform the way we consume news and, on a broader scale, engage with new ideas.

Curio AI was born out of our deep conviction that high-quality journalism has the power to create a more informed and engaged society. We believe that journalism should bring people together, not divide them. 

There’s no doubt that our democracy and our ability to resolve differences through dialogue are at risk. There are also valid concerns about the impact of AI on society. 

At Curio, we embrace these challenges as opportunities. By using new technologies in a responsible manner, we envision a future of journalism where humans and AI work together to promote a more connected and empathetic understanding of the world. 

Curio AI inspires curiosity about new perspectives and ideas through thought-provoking content that challenges assumptions. As Alan Kay famously said: “A change of perspective is worth 80 IQ points”.

With a single question, you can open up a whole new world of perspectives. Ask anything and let Curio AI fill you with wonder and delight, just as it has for us.

Curio AI is currently in Beta, so it is still in an experimental phase and is continually improving. Try it for free on our iOS app and on the web.

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